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As a neutral third party between private lenders and borrowers, Old West Escrow is ready to meet your financial needs.

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Starting from scratch in 1985 with the goal of providing more service than anyone else in the business, we have built a clientèle of satisfied customers.

Processing over a Billion Dollars in disbursements you know Old West Escrow is the leading escrow company in South Dakota. Our employees are specifically trained to handle all aspects of the escrow collection process.

We are the only area escrow service to offer protection through the escrowing of taxes and insurance.

With escrow the only business of the company, our fees are always competitive resulting in experience, pride and confidence you can trust!

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Old West Escrow offers the flexible service you need to buy or sell as a private lender or borrower! We will process payments on a periodic basis, store valuable documents, pay your taxes and insurance, and hold money in trust!

Contracts and Deeds

Our most common service. We understand the complex trasactions required including filing 1098 statements with the IRS!

Taxes and Insurance

Property taxes and Insurance is a daunting task, let Old West Escrow pay for you and sleep easy knowing your are proctected.

Document Safeguard

Our secure on-site vaults were built with you in mind. No document is held in off-site storage facilities

Source Code

Do you have valuable software source code? We will safeguard that too!

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